Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Because.  Just because.

Because diaper changes are fun.

Because Daddy put his shirt on backwards.

Because he has crazy ginger hair.

Because the trees outside.

Because dreams are sweet.

Because he's a fashion mess with stripes and argyle.

Because kisses from momma are still acceptable.

Because singing "Happy Birthday" to Auntie is funny.

Because he's shirtless.

Because Batman.

Because he's taking a crap.

Because he found his tongue.

Because Mini Sophie.

Because he got shots.

 Because Easter Bunny.

Because he's 7 months old.

Because he loves the bath.

Because he's dreaming of milk.

Because he farted in his sleep.

Because mommy begged him to.
(and jumped up and down and shook him around)

Because he loves pears.

Because he's awake and has Mommy's iPad.